Athens is the capital of Greece and a vibrant city where Greek cultural treasures rest among modern political, cultural, and financial mainstays. The city is home to some of Greece’s most iconic neoclassical monuments. The Acropolis, Athen’s most-visited ruin, is a must-see for its rich history and dramatic views of the nearby sea. Athens could also be a great wedding destination! In Greece it’s not only about the islands but also the internal elegance that the historical city of Athens has to offer! Also the beautiful Athenian Riviera offers a close to the sea option where you can have a more carefree yet sophisticated wedding concept! What about a lux romantic Athens wedding under the hill of the Acropolis breathtaking view or a Navy blue Marine wedding ? 


Is there any better place then a island of " Peace And Friendship" declared by Unesco, to choose to celebrate your wedding? This small island belongs to the Dodekanisos island group and is located right next to Rodos, in the south-eastern part of Greece. The characteristics are simply natural surroundings of extreme beauty, with unique mansions, blue sea and few cars. You can choose great venues for your wedding such as St.Nicolas - at the sea front of Emporio, the Panagia Church, the fresh renovated City Hall or the Monastery of St. John.

The wedding motto here would be: Pure beauty of true Greece!


The island of Rhodes is the largest of the Dodecanese islands on the Aegean's eastern edge. The well-preserved medieval city of Rhodes sits at the north of the island. Authentic Greece can be found in the hilly interior of the 50- mile-long island. With its bright green hills, rich green valleys and uninterrupted line of golden beaches, plus its blend of cosmopolitan and traditional, and numerous cultural and archaeological sites - Rhodes is truly a blessed place. Here you have a wide choice of memorable wedding locations. The Medieval City of Rhodes, the foot of the Acropolis of Lindos, Filerimos hill or at the most popular venue on the island St Paul's Bay but also many traditional chapels in beautiful natural outdoor surroundings will not make your decision easy.                                                            


The overwhelming feeling of entering a perfectly painted image of a scenic traditional village is the feeling you will get while entering the port of Symi. The impeccable architecture of Symi port, refreshing cypress forests at the island’s centre, as well as numerous churches, along with the most known Monastery of the Archangel Michael at Panormitis are the valuable highlight of the island. Symi belongs to the Dodekanisos Islands. Symi remains understated and unspoilt with its classic architecture and peaceful surroundings create an enchanting backdrop for romancing and relaxing.

Symi is just more than words or photos can say!