Your unforgettable summer wedding

Summer weddings have something special because they get to use to their advantage the amazing weather and the multitude of colors that are available this time of the year. This definitely makes it easier when it comes to choosing the centerpieces and the table décor.

There are so many things and options to choose from and this definitely doesn’t make the decision-making process easier. You could have stunning flowers decorating the tables or you could have a beach-inspired décor with a refreshing touch.

One love, One Life...




​1. They're Virtually Stress-Free
2. Avoid family drama
3. They're more cost effective
5. Simply perfect if it is second marriage
6. Outsourcing your event to one of our Greece-Wedding locations will give  you an automatic excuse for a smaller affair.
7.  Have two in one: wedding and honeymoon
8. Everyone is a VIP to us!
9. Rent you own Villa and make it the Venue!
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10. Get a few days — not a few hours — with your guests.
11. No seating chart needed.
12. Leave the stress at home and enjoy the moments.

Why destination Wedding?

Take the help and let yourself be inspired to design and arrange your wedding together with us in one of the authentic Greek destinations.       

We want to encourage you to take this decision, assist you with any questions you may have and help you to make the right choices. Getting married in one of the most extraordinary destinations of the Mediterranean will make the day unforgettable for you.           


We arrange civil, religious weddings or just symbolic ceremonies. Flexible, with personal assistance and close contact to our wedding planers directly from the beginning will give you the comfort and confidence of getting every aspect well organized until the last detail.

For the most important day of your life.